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In 1954, Audrey Hepburn played Sabrina Fairchild, the lead role in Sabrina.  It is in this beautiful black and white film that a famous quote originated.

For our outfit inspiration today, Audrey says…. “Paris is always a good idea!”

The striped skirt, fashion tee, and statement necklace give an edgy feel with a Parisian twist. This look is perfect for the office. The jersey skirt (H&M) fashion tee (Elle) and necklace (MindyMae) totals to $47! Check out the links below to get these items! They are all on sale and won’t last long!

The second outfit is the perfect look for a Sunday brunch with girlfriends! The blush sweater (Elle) skinny jeans (Elle) and bow flats (Charming Charlie’s) come to a total of $40! A little tip! If you are wearing skinny jeans or pants, wearing pointed-toe flats give a more flattering look! Check out these items in the link below! They are all on clearance and definitely won’t last long!

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Second-Hand Shops Make First-Rate Outfits

Nothing beats an amazing “goodwill find.” But if you’re like me with limited time and limited budget, goodwill and vintage shops are not always an accessible idea. So instead of carving out five hours of your day to go goodwill hunting check out these consignment shops! Not only do they offer gently-used, top name brand clothes, but also pride themselves on their organized stores for easy in-and-out shopping! Also check out the new consignment online shopping! Returns are easy if it doesn’t fit! Top brands and low prices!

Stay tuned to see what I find on my shopping trip this weekend!

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Audrey Says…

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”

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Jewelry is EVERYTHING! Work or play, day or night—jewelry is always a necessity. So what’s the all the fuss about right now? Statement necklaces! Every department store, boutique, second-hand shop is flooded with chunky-hunky neck-wear! They are two things to remember when wearing this type of jewelry: pair with the right neckline and color coordinate with the outfit. These glamourous necklaces look best with a button up blouse/dress. If the top buttons are open, make sure to place the necklace under the shirt. Place the necklace over your shirt when buttoned up! This little detail is very important in creating that stylish look. Chunky necklaces also look great with crewneck tops and dresses.

Next, you want to color coordinate with your outfit. The point of a statement necklace is to stand out and make a…you got it, statement!!! One of my favorite styles is one featured below. Try pairing a colorful necklace (coral, mint green, red) with a navy and white crewneck striped tee. This will create a nautical look, the top trend this spring!!

The best thing about these fun fashion accessories is that due to popularity, they are so easy to find for a good deal! Check your local consignment stores, department store clearance racks, and boutiques. Many small town boutiques are about to have their spring sidewalk sales, so don’t forget to check your local listings! 

Check out my Facebook page, Take it from Audrey for a statement necklace free giveaway!!

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Audrey Says…..

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.”

Via Goodreads

Nothing says Audrey Hepburn style like a little pink! The first “I believe in pink” outfit consists of a Banana Republic light pink button down cotton blouse, a Gap high-wasted glitter tulle skirt, and a Gap black long sleeved crew-neck sweater. All three pieces can be found on the Like Twice online consignment store for a total of $42!! When layering sweaters and blouses, it is important to wear a blouse that fits tightly to your body and a crew-neck style sweater. If the blouse is too big the layering will look sloppy and unflattering. The crew neckline, like the sweaters shown below, will layer effortlessly with a collared blouse and create a perfect space for the statement necklace. A shirt and sweater ensemble can be worn with anything—jeans, pants, and skirts. But if you are looking for a preppy style, try a high-wasted tulle skirt to dress up your look!

Yes, there is snow on the ground but am I ready for spring? YES!!! The second look is all about pink florals!  This is great ensemble that consists of a Lauren Conrad floral chiffon blouse from Kohls and Gap distressed legging jeans from an online consignment site called ThreadFlip. When wearing a chiffon blouse or tops that have similar shape, wear a fitted skirt or skinny jeans. This will help flatter your figure while still offering a lovely carefree style. Add a pair of light colored flats and bracelets and you’ve got the perfect pink outfit! The top is on clearance at Kohls; and the outfit totals to $32!

The next outfit is a similar dress style like our lovely lady is wearing in the feature image. While the price of this dress and shoes are not as exciting as the last, it is still worth the look! When wearing a fit and flare style like this Liz Clairborne dress at JCPennys, it is necessary to wear pumps or heeled sandals. Flats will hide your legs and make the dress look too large, too long, and shorten your overall perceived height. The sandals featured are one of the top selling styles for spring! Beige matches everything and creates a soft look to any outfit. Feel free to add 3-5 chunky bracelets to add color and sparkle to the outfit. Wear a necklace OR multiple bracelets–never both with a dress like this. It will look too gaudy and not provide a simple elegant look. Check out those bracelets on Mindy Mae’s Market!

Stay tuned this weekend as I look at the price differences when shopping department stores verses consignment shops. Are you getting a better deal? What do you NOT buy at second-hand stores? Take it from Audrey will uncover the secrets for consignment store shopping!

Stay Classy Ladies Xo

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Outlet Mall for the Win!

With graduation around the corner, I thought a little trip to the outlet mall for new office-appropriate attire was in order.Even though the cold weather was bitter, it did not stop us from finding those amazing bargain prices! No matter where you work you can always dress classy and stylish without spending a fortune!  It is important to find staple pieces when creating an work-centered closet–classic button downs, neutral colored pencil skirts, poppin’ pixie pants, and lots of statement jewelry! These pieces can be combined to make many different outfits. Now, outlet malls might not always have outstanding prices but try to go between seasons. I went to stores like Banana Republic, J.Crew, and the Loft, where you can easily find good sizes and work style clothing. The new spring line was just released in stores so the winter line is on clearance and an extra percentage off at each store!

Below, I have included some tops and dresses I found at the outlets! I have paired them with some outfit inspirations that have similar color schemes. It is very popular to combine multiple patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to try a pop of color or statement jewelry with patterns.

The navy and cream outfit was purchased from the outlet and consignment shop. I bought the classic sheer navy blue button down from Banana Republic for $12.99 and the cream Ann Taylor Loft pencil skirt from Clothes Mentor for $16.99.

This striped button down blouse was just $7.99 at the Loft. I paired it with a casual blue blazer and cheetah print shoes. The total cost of the shirt, blazer, and shoes is $30

The cheetah print dress is perfect for work get-together! I purchased this dress for $14.99 at the Loft.


Want help shopping on a budget? I can help! Just message me on my Facebook page-Take It From Audrey. I guarantee I can find you fashionista-approved outfits without breaking the bank! Questions or Comments on outfits, don’t hesitate to message me! I’d love to help!

Stay tuned later this week for Audrey’s weekly outfit inspiration!

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